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Development Information

Post by Tiger » Mon Dec 05, 2011 5:59

Listed below is information regarding development names, and information. This might be useful later on down the road. This does not contain history information of 'TGRBase (1.90)', nor the 'Alpha Internal TGRDM3 Builds'.

01. Juni 2011
*Development Name: BlauNacht
*Revision: 100
*Achievements: Update the development cycle within TGRDM3 by improving off site resources and on site resources. Additionally, improving the core structure of the TGRDM3 database on how the project performs, while improving the core this will lead into a more standardized structure that can help improve the project through out the development. Moreover, plans for Early Open Alpha builds via SVN for users to easily play test the project. But, continuing to standardized the 3D Floor competitive standards, and generalized game play standards.
*Note: Glory Alpha was never built before the transition. Only known build is currently an ancient testing build that was never updated with the newer changes.

26. April 2010
*Development Name: Glory
*Achievements: Older DM maps from 'Crystal' will be used as the alternative DM stocks maps and no longer primary DM stock set, OpenGL will now be enforced with other maps; excluding the older stock set. Future DM maps will not carry the 'Boxie' syndrome, that has plagued the older stock sets, and the history projects.
*Seeking Goals: Set the new Standard to the DM Maps with 3D Floors.

11. Juni 2009
*Development Name: Crystal
*Version: 01.01.fa.a8
*Achievements: TGRBase grow alot, from the time it was first generated. TGR history internal developments have been hard, with alot of maps being rejected, kicking two level developers out of TGR due to separate reasons (Had an over-plate of work, the other due to failure on obtaining more designers; though might have been my fault for not properly finding a better solution to gain more designers.), maps took months to finish; must successful maps from 'Graphical' appearance, MAP01, and MAP02.
*Preview: Eins (Though, it was in the early developments during Crystal Dev. 01.01.0b.a1)

x. März 2007
*Early Development Name: Jana
*Version: 00.00.0a.00
*Achievements: TGRBase was first created, Huge project base plans became official goals.
Planed - Main areas: DM (Dominate), Duel, ADM and KoTH.
Planed - Biggest Sight: CMU, Hosted on big dedicated ST Servers (VP1, TNC, SuperGod's Servers, etc)
Planed - Project plans: Giving it a brain, making something that is smart and executes and adjusts to the right setting from the environments current state. RPC Professional (v2), many new features that will be grounded from the RPC Layer Protocol.
Nicholas Gautier

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