HacX 1.2 and Boom/MBF

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Re: HacX 1.2 and Boom/MBF

Postby MrFlibble » Wed Jul 01, 2015 15:41

Thanks for the explanation! Here are the v1.0 exit messages:

Code: Select all

//  "so, can't handle it huh,\ngo ahead then punk!",
//  "give me those weapons back, you big weenie!",
//  "ok, so you're not as tough as you claim to be",
//  "get out of here, you're no match for me!",
//  "i've seen your type before\nyou come, then you leave!!",
//  "you're a big nothing\nwith people like you\nthis is easy",
//  "come on, just a little while longer!",
//  "i'll get you next time!!",
//  "get out of here!!",
//  "you think you're tough, don't you!",
//  "i hear your mommy calling you!\ngo on home, you little girlie boy!",
//  "i'm going to bust your butt, if you come back!",
//  "you know what?\ni can see you sitting there!!",
//  "if you press y,\ni'll slap you silly!!",
//  "ha ha ha, see, you aren't good enough!",
//  "you'll be back,\nthis is too much fun for you to resist!!!",

I'm not sure if the original executable uses all of them though.

I've slightly updated the DOS executable to replace the cheat codes (MBF-specific codes were removed). Also some default settings have been changed (e.g. the translucency effect is now off by default).

The download links in the post above were updated accordingly.

BTW, I've also noticed another thing. The backpack message replacement goes as follows in v1.0/1.1:

Code: Select all

Grab a Valise stuffed with goods!

However, in v1.2 it was changed to:

Code: Select all

Grabbed a Valise stuffed w/goods!

While "Grab" has been consistently changed to "Grabbed" in v1.2, I'm not sure if there's a need to shorten "with" to just "w/"? The full string, "Grabbed a Valise stuffed with goods!", should fit on the screen even in 320x200 resolution mode.

Posts: 19
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Re: HacX 1.2 and Boom/MBF

Postby MrFlibble » Thu Jul 23, 2015 11:48

BTW, would it be allowed to upload the fixed v1.2 IWAD with rebuilt REJECT lumps somewhere for use with MBF if the note on all modifications and the original readme is included?

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