MancuNET go boom, will be fixed within 48-72 hours

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MancuNET go boom, will be fixed within 48-72 hours

Post by Enjay » Thu Jul 09, 2009 2:11

I know that not everyone who comes here has an account at DoomWorld so, if you are trying to access the SVN repository and have not been able to do so, this post by Mancubus II over at Doomworld explains why. ... -72-hours/

Over at Doomworld, Mancubus II wrote:Primary hard disk failure on MancuNET. They're going to replace it within 24 hours, but things may be unavailable for the next few days as I will have to go through and set everything up again. Thankfully there's no charge for this (except for my time and frustration) and ServerBeach are quick and professional (as opposed to dreamhost who are a joke and terrible).

Will keep this thread updated with any new information. Yes data are backed up.

[UPDATE 07/08/09 3:11PM]
The drive is being replaced during a 4 hour window of 8pm-11:59pm CDT (so starting within about 5 hours). Starting tomorrow I will be going through the process of setting back up all the crap. Thankfully I got this thing with a spare drive in it I was not yet using, so I partitioned, formatted and now I have a spare drive to copy things to. Makes backing up much faster!

[UPDATE 07/08/09 5:35PM]
Attempting to do mysqldump does not fully dump before throwing itself into read-only mode (from warm boot). I've backed up the actual database files and dirs themselves, which should restore fine. I used the packaged version (lenny) of mysql 5 and I will be reinstalling the same version most likely. Nothing too critical will be lost with these dbs but I am doing my best to ensure they're still alive. ServerBeach continues to be fantastic in their support.

I will not be near a computer until tomorrow morning. When I return to a computer I should have waiting for me a freshly provisioned server. Thankfully lessons were learned from the errors I was having before in my initial setup so things should go more smoothly this time. The biggest issue tends to be permissions related and besides lessons learned, everything has been backed up with that information intact.

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